As part of our commitment to the environment, we have created a signature line of drinks named in honor of famous jungles of the world. http://famous101.com/famous-jungles-around-the-world Each time someone orders a drink, we celebrate that jungle and the life it gives. We furnished and decorated JJB using at least 85% repurposed materials that may otherwise have been thrown away.  

Additionally, we selected plants indigenous to the area, which attracts butterflies, bees, birds and other endangered species for feeding and preservation.  We are beginning to see an increase in butterflies, bees and birds around the juice bar. 

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We donate excess juice pulp to local farmers for compost and use biodegradable vegetable-based products such as cups, lids and straws where possible and we use energy saver light bulbs. These are just some of the steps Jungle Juice Bar is taking to minimize our carbon footprint. http://famous101.com/famous-jungles-around-the-world

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