Founders Spotlight


Regeania Hunter

Although, I realized the importance of good health fairly young, my path towards opening Jungle Juice Bar, Inc. began long before taking an interest in entrepreneurship. When I realized I was allergic to synthetic vitamins, I was forced to seek alternatives to obtain needed nutrition. I began juicing because it was quicker and easier to get needed nutrients in a cup based on my active, fast-paced lifestyle. Although, I was relatively healthy, I immediately noticed a difference. I had more energy and endurance while jogging, roller blading and playing tennis. I required much less sleep and felt better overall. Constant colds and the flu became a thing of the past. I could manage jet lag much better while traveling. Juicing spoke a language the cells in my body understood and became a part of my lifestyle.

Global travel exposed me to much and shaped my lifestyle, reality and philosophical beliefs. The more I traveled and learned, the greater came my propensity to align my lifestyle, philosophy and life’s work. The catalyst towards that end occurred while on a medical mission in Ethiopia.

I recall someone traveling with us in Ethiopia expressing their sadness over the condition of patients that appeared severely malnourished. One of the doctors near me, who heard the comment as well, leaned in towards me and stated, “It is much easier to treat the Ethiopians dying of starvation than Americans with the same ailments.” I was perplexed by the statement. I did not know of people in the US dying of starvation – so I thought… When I asked for clarification, the doctor proceeded to explain that in the case of the Ethiopians, they were not eating enough of the right foods to get the required nutrition; however, in the case of Americans, obesity is also a form of starvation because although obese individuals are eating, they are not getting the required nutrition either.

What makes Americans worse off or more difficult to treat is that the weight-gain from a high calorie, nutrition depleted diet, places additional strain on the internal organs, back, spine, joints, muscles, hips, knees, ankles, etc. Someone underweight can eat the right food and in a matter of weeks be restored to health; however, an obese person would require much more time or may, in many cases, never recover from all the damage done as a result of the excess weight and strain on the body. Imagine my surprise! I was startled to my core! There I was in Ethiopia, serving that community, when members of my own family and in my community, which had been deemed a “food desert,” were starving to death and none of us even realized it.

As a citizen of the world, I maintained my commitment to do work in Ethiopia; however, the knowledge shared by the doctor, altered the course of my life and work. My desire to share this information became insatiable. Once I decidedly selected my path, “all the universe conspired” to ensure my success.

The community responded with a depth of love and gratitude that exceeded my expectations. Daily people come in and thank us for opening in this area because Juice bars are known to be located in trendy, high income spots. Customers who previously did not know the difference between a juice or smoothie are coming in and sharing their success stories of weight-loss, reversing ailments and getting off medications they once thought were a life sentence.

I take delight in serving my community and knowing my lifestyle, reality and philosophical beliefs have begun to align.

Thank you to those who have afforded us the privilege of serving them.

Regeania Hunter
Jungle Juice Bar, Inc.



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