Our Story

Jungle Juice Bar (JJB) was established in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, in May 2013, as the flagship store of what we hope to build into a national chain of health-friendly eateries and juice bars.
The concept of this uniquely designed smoothie and juice bar is based on our interest in holistic nutrition and our commitment to an environmentally conscientious lifestyle. After learning she was allergic to commercially produced vitamins, co-founder Regeania Hunter Coleman began juicing fruits and vegetables to benefit from the raw nutritional content. Friends and family were soon enjoying these flavorful combinations and attesting to the same improved health and increased energy she was experiencing. The business model for Jungle Juice Bar was created as a means of sharing our “health wealth.”
But JJB is more than just a juice bar. Part of our mission is to offer a neighborhood spot for all things good, including educational workshops, social gatherings and other activities designed to promote an appreciation for active, healthy, and vibrant lifestyles.
JJB is more than just a juice bar. We offer accessibility to healthy foods, wellness and healthy living awareness and education, and environmental advocacy celebrating the jungles of the world. Locally grown and naturally harvested fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone of our juices and smoothies, which join a line of foods and products that are good for and to you!
Our menu items and grab-and-go snacks include a wide range of fresh fruit/vegetable smoothies and raw juice blends, as well as healthy snacks, sandwiches, salads, desserts and other vegan/vegetarian selections— all of which are prepared in-house, using fresh fruits and vegetables, and other whole, unprocessed ingredients. We can jump start your morning, give you a quick afternoon pick-me-up or help you to wind down after a demanding day with foods, drinks and activities in an environment that all replenish the mind, body and soul. 



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